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Update to the Production Program for English-language and French-language feature films

19 December 2019

Telefilm Canada wishes to inform its clients of changes made to the Production Program as well as upcoming key dates.

Two application periods for bigger budget French-language projects:

In line with our focus of ensuring predictable financing to the industry, there will now be two application periods per year for French-language projects with budgets of $2.5 million or more. Telefilm will accept funding applications from January 9 to 17, 2020 for these projects. Decisions relative to this first application period for the 2020-2021 fiscal year will be announced in the spring.

There will be a second application period (summer 2020) for French-language projects of $2.5M or more with a minimum of 50% of funding confirmed. The exact opening and closing dates for this second round will be announced later.

Opening dates for French-language projects budgeted at less than $2.5 million and for English-language projects will be announced shortly.

Key changes to guidelines for the English-language and French-language Production Program:

  • Apart from official-treaty audiovisual coproductions, only projects scripted by Canadians are eligible.
  • A project’s financial feasibility, confirmed within a reasonable time frame, will be considered when evaluating the project. Priority could be given to projects likely to begin principal photography during the fiscal year.
  • A project can be submitted no more than twice under the Production Program, regardless of its budget.
  • New minimum requirements have been added to demonstrate the producer’s meaningful involvement in the project(s) submitted to Telefilm.

Guidelines, eligibility and evaluation criteria, and other important information are available on the Production Program web page.