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Canada Feature Film Fund

30 April 2010

Montreal, April 30, 2010 – Telefilm has announced that the Low Budget Independent Feature Film Assistance and Alternative Distribution programs – French and English markets, are now reopened. A preliminary review has been completed and the programs will be redesigned for fiscal 2011-2012. In the interim, the programs are now open in order to serve the needs of the industry.

While the guidelines for the Low budget program – English market remain unchanged, the maximum production budget for the Low budget program – French market has been increased from $1.25 million to $1.5 million, in order to align with the practises of the provincial agency SODEC.

The deadline for submitting projects to Telefilm Canada for the French-language market and for English-language projects in Quebec is Tuesday, May 25, 2010.  There is no deadline for the English-language market. .

Also, Telefilm Canada is now accepting applications to the Alternative Distribution Program for both the English and French markets for fiscal 2010-11 at regional offices across the country. Please note that for Business Development activities and events, Telefilm will only accept applications from clients whose projects were financed in previous years.

The Low Budget Independent Feature Film Assistance Program supports the independent production and post-production/completion of high quality, original and culturally relevant director-driven low budget feature films from both emerging and established filmmakers.

The Alternative Distribution Program plays an important role in supporting and promoting low budget features by providing financing to organizations that use alternative distribution methods to the traditional theatrical distributor-exhibitor model in promoting and releasing Canadian films.

Please visit for eligibility criteria, guidelines and application forms.