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Changes to the Skills and Screens program and to the funding parameters of other promotion-related initiatives for 2012-2013 

02 May 2012

Montréal, May 3, 2012 Telefilm Canada wishes to inform clients of changes made to the Skills and Screens program and to the funding parameters of other promotion-related initiatives that took effect on April 30, 2012.

After holding productive consultations with the industry over the last few months, Telefilm was able to finalize the redesign of its Skills and Screens and other promotion-related funding programs, streamlining and aligning them with the objectives set out in our 2011-2012 Corporate Plan to stimulate demand for Canadian content and increase our focus on the promotion of Canadian content and talent.

The Skills and Screens program is replaced by a new Promotion Program. This new program also includes the funding of some national awards ceremonies and the funding of alternative distribution networks, which was previously a component of the Alternative Distribution Program.

For more detailed information, we invite you to consult the guidelines for the new Promotion program, which took effect on April 30, 2012 and govern all funding applications received from that date forward. An FAQ document is also available on our website, as well as information on transitional measures for 2012-2013.

Overview of key changes

  • The Promotion Program is aligned with Telefilm’s role as promoter of screen-based Canadian content and talent:
    • Telefilm will fund events and initiatives held in Canada that support its objective to promote Canadian content and talent.
    • To be eligible for funding, initiatives now need to have a clear focus on promotion.
  • Minimum average thresholds are established for Canadian content to be included in the programming of Festivals, Alternative Distribution networks, and Awards ceremonies.
  • Documentation requirements are simplified and standardized.
  • According to their event or initiative’s starting date, applicants may submit their request for funding during the open application period, from April 30 to December 14, 2012, and must do so via eTelefilm. If you do not yet have an eTelefilm account, we encourage you to register today.

Our systems will be ready to receive applications starting on May 15, 2012. If you want to submit a funding request before that date, please contact your Telefilm resource person.

Telefilm Canada wants to propel the success of Canada’s audiovisual industry to new heights through effective and efficient funding and by actively promoting Canadian content and talent, at home and abroad. The redesign and realignment of our programs is a key step to achieving this goal.

For further information, please contact your Telefilm representative.

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