Telefilm Canada is responsible for evaluating and recommending projects likely to be recognized by the Department of Canadian Heritage as audiovisual treaty coproductions.

Aside from the official coproduction treaties currently in force with nearly 60 partners from all over the world, Canada offers a large pool of creators and technicians whose reputation is recognized worldwide, all ready to contribute to your project’s success. Every year, coproduction in Canada represents more than 60 official coproductions and a production volume of $500M.

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Find coproduction guidelines and the different tools to help you submit a coproduction recommendation application.

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International treaties

Nearly 60 countries have an audiovisual coproduction treaty and memorandums of understanding with Canada.

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Partnering with Canada

Canada is a partner of choice for all foreign companies. In addition to official coproductions, there are two other ways to partner with Canada: co-ventures and the film or video Production Services Tax Credit.

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on coproduction

Audiovisual coproductions governed by a treaty allow Canadian producers to benefit from financial participation from foreign sources and promote and export Canadian talent on the international scene.

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Production company directory

This directory lists all the Canadian partners that have already participated in a coproduction governed by a treaty.

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This directory lists all Canadian coproductions for the past seven years and is updated annually.

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