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Francesca Accinelli appointed Interim Executive Director & CEO of Telefilm Canada

19 July 2022

Telefilm Canada is pleased to announce that Francesca Accinelli, Vice President, Promotions, Communications & International Relations has been appointed Interim Executive Director & CEO of Telefilm Canada. The interim appointment is effective as of September 10, 2022, when Christa Dickenson departs the organization after four years of leading the modernization of Telefilm. 

“Throughout her long career at Telefilm, Ms. Accinelli has actively contributed to Canada’s vibrant arts and culture industry through her senior leadership roles in television, digital media and film,” said Robert Spickler, Chair of the Board, Telefilm Canada. “Having worked closely with her as a member of the Executive Leadership Team, I have seen first-hand her attuned leadership skills, and her deep knowledge of the realities of the production sector from one ocean to the other and in both language markets. 

“She brings with her experience and understanding of the many evolutions of the screen-based sector  and will ensure continuity as Telefilm embarks on its new 18-month strategic plan.” 

Ms. Accinelli joined Telefilm in 2006 as the Deputy Director, English Market for the Canadian Television Fund (CTF) Programs. In 2008 she was promoted to Director of that team and helped to implement the Canada Media Fund Program Administration at Telefilm, overseeing both television and interactive media for the English market. She had previously held positions as a bilingual analyst and Manager at the CTF.  

In 2014, Ms. Accinelli took a leadership role as the Director of National Promotions and Communications. In her current role of Vice President, Promotion, Communication and International Relations, she leads a team of 30 passionate employees across Canada dedicated to amplifying Canadian talent at home and abroad and to ensuring the sustainability of the ecosystem through the financing of festivals, training and international presence.  Francesca also leads the Talent Fund, a philanthropic arm of the organization.  

The process to appoint the next Executive Director and CEO, led by the Federal Government, is currently underway.