Canada Feature Film Fund, French-language productions, fiscal 2012-2013

Telefilm Canada changes the way it participates in the financing of film properties in 2012-2013

Montreal, February 21, 2012 – Telefilm Canada would like to announce that, in response to the changing needs of the industry, Telefilm is providing more flexibility in how we participate in the financing of a film property. Our production financing can now be defined in one of two ways at the option of the producer: (1) financing in the form of a recoupable advance or (2) as previously, a recoupable equity investment.

Structuring our financing as a recoupable advance eliminates Telefilm’s requirement of taking copyright ownership in a production. By giving producers the choice of receiving Telefilm’s financing as a recoupable advance, rather than as an investment, we are offering the industry greater flexibility and control over the management of their production.

This announcement applies to French-language projects from the Western, Ontario-Nunavut, Quebec and Atlantic regions.

Please note that this change is also applicable to all 2012-2013 conditional commitments, in other words for all contracts that will be signed as of April 1st, 2012, even if decision letters have gone out prior to that date.

Producers who have already received decision letters, for which this new option will be available, will be contacted in order to give us their choice.

Click on this link to access the updated 2012-2013 guidelines for CFFF production programs for French-language projects.