Telefilm Canada releases its new Corporate Plan

Telefilm Canada’s 2020-2023 Corporate Plan will ensure the successful implementation of the organization’s strategic priorities. Telefilm has embarked upon this new corporate process, which is rooted in an inclusive approach involving the Executive Leadership Team, managers and employees.

Telefilm will achieve its vision over the next few years through a series of concrete and measurable initiatives based on the following four strategic priorities:

  1. Attract additional funding and investment
  2. Evolve our funding allocation approach
  3. Optimize our operational capability
  4. Enhance the values of the “CANADA” and “TELEFILM” brands

These strategic priorities are augmented by a commitment to foster diversity and inclusion in order to provide a reflection of Canada. The action plan for this commitment will be presented Monday.

The end of the process for this Corporate Plan was marked by the onset of a global crisis triggered by the outbreak of COVID-19. In this context, the Corporate Plan will serve as a roadmap for this period and allow Telefilm to adjust and make changes as the situation evolves.