Telefilm Canada announces the production of 15 feature documentaries in English and French, more than half of which are directed by women

Toronto/Montréal, 28 April  2020—Telefilm Canada has announced the 15 English and French-language documentary feature films supported by the Theatrical Documentary Program, with funding totalling $2.1 million. This year, more than half of the selected projects are directed by women.

Through this program, Telefilm Canada encourages the production of high-quality feature-length documentaries and supports filmmakers that allows audiences to experience new perspectives, meet fascinating and engaging characters, and witness stories that are out-of-the-ordinary.

English language projects:

Disappearing Insects
Director: Jennifer Baichwal
Writer: Jennifer Baichwal
Producer: Mercury Films
Province: Ontario

First We Eat
Director: Suzanne Crocker
Writer: Suzanne Crocker
Producer: Drift Productions
Territory: Yukon

John Titor: Time Traveller
Director: Jay Cheel
Writer: Jay Cheel
Producer: Low End
Province: Ontario

Director: Sophie Leblond
Writer: Sophie Leblond
Producer: Metafilms
Province: Québec

Red Stars
Director: Yung Chang
Screenwriter: Rahul Parekh
Producer: Iceball
Province: Ontario

Subjects of Desire
Director: Jennifer Holness
Writer: Jennifer Holness
Producer: Hungry Eyes Media
Province: Ontario

The Board Game Movie
Director: Simon Ennis
Writer: Simon Ennis
Producer: Honalee Productions  and Musterios Entertainment
Province: British Columbia and Ontario

The Colour of INK
Director: Brian D. Johnson
Writer: Brian D. Johnson
Producer: Sphinx Productions
Province: Ontario

The MAD World of Harvey Kurtzman
Director: Bart Simpson
Writer: Bart Simpson
Producer: All In Pictures
Province: British Columbia

The Urban Whale
Director: Nadine Pequeneza
Writer: Nadine Pequeneza
Producer: HitPlay Productions
Province: Ontario


French-language projects:

L’océan vu du cœur
Director: Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol
Screenwriter: Iolande Cadrin-Rossignol
Producer: Jane Losa Films, a Belgian coproduction (Les films du carré)
Province: Québec

Les enfants du large
Director: Virginia Tangvald
Screenwriter: Virginia Tangvald
Producer: micro_scope
Province: Québec

Director: Mathieu Roy
Screenwriter: Mathieu Roy
Producer: Productions Esperamos II
Province: Québec

Le mythe de la femme noire
Director: Ayana O’Shun
Screenwriter: Ayana O’Shun
Producer: Bel Ange Moon Productions
Province: Québec

Les Rose
Director: Félix Rose
Screenwriter: Félix Rose
Producer: Les productions Babel
Province: Québec

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