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Opening and closing dates for Production Program lower-budget projects

15 February 2017

What’s new: New measures to promote diversity

Montreal, February 15, 2017— Clients are invited to submit their English- and French-language lower-budget projects (budgets of less than $2.5 M) to the Production Program for fiscal 2017-2018.

Key dates
Opening date: March 1, 2017
Closing date: May 1, 2017

New measures to promote diversity
All projects submitted under this program will be evaluated through the lens of reaching Telefilm’s objective of obtaining a representative and diversified feature film portfolio that better reflects gender, cultural diversity, and Canada’s Indigenous communities.

The first step in attaining this objective will be to prioritize projects directed or written by women to ensure that we reach our 2020 goal of a portfolio that reflects gender parity, while also continuing to champion and support the works of Indigenous creators and members of communities representing Canada’s cultural diversity.

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Telefilm Canada announces, in partnership with the industry, gender parity measures for feature film production financing

Telefilm Canada increases feature film production and marketing financing for Indigenous talent to $4 million annually

Apply using the new online platform
Production Program applications must now be submitted via the new platform.
We recommend that all clients contact their Regional Feature Film Executive before submitting an application.

Guidelines, policies, the steps required to submit an application, as well as the contact information for your regional representative are available online.