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Study on Canadian Movie Consumption – Exploring the Health of Feature Film in Canada 

08 February 2024

Telefilm Canada commissioned ERm Research to conduct a national study to explore the current state of feature film consumption, and segment movie consumers into groups to provide better insights into audience engagement opportunities.  

In the study Canadian Movie Consumption – Exploring the Health of Feature Film in Canada, ERm Research provides an understanding of overall consumption patterns, media sources used by audiences, their decision-making process, genre preferences, barriers to watching more movies, and their theatrical moviegoing habits, as well as perceptions of Canadian content. 

This research was fielded from September 17 to October 2, 2023, among 2,200 feature film consumers in Canada.  

Main takeaways: 

  •  At high levels, 95% of Canadians aged 18+ have seen one or more feature films in the past year, with nearly three-quarters seeing a movie in theatres. 
  • The heaviest theatrical moviegoers also watch the most movies at home, but moderate moviegoers and non-moviegoers both still watch a lot of movies at home.  
  • For many moviegoers, the shared theatrical experience fosters a sense of connection and excitement that enhances the way they engage with the movie. This pattern is more prevalent among fans of action, sci-fi and horror. 
  • Theatrical moviegoing is a social affair with 46% of moviegoers typically attending in groups of three or more.  
  • Influencers have more clout with the young. 
  • French Canadian movie watchers are more inclined to see Canadian content theatrically and generally have a higher opinion of Canadian films.  
  • Non-moviegoers like lower spectacle fare and are more likely to watch movies over broadcast TV. 
  • Paid streaming accounts for 54% of all feature film consumption. Around nine in ten movie consumers use at least one streaming service, with most accessing multiple. 

The full study report is available here.