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Telefilm Canada and HEC Montréal announce research partnership

31 May 2012

Montreal, May 31, 2012 – Telefilm Canada and HEC Montréal, one of Canada’s leading business schools with over a 100 years of history and the first North America business school to receive three international accreditations, are pleased to announce the creation of a research partnership to study consumer trends and film marketing best practices in the Canadian audiovisual industry.

Two joint research projects have been earmarked to launch this initiative:

  1. A study of the brand attributes associated with Canadian cinema; and
  2. A look at Canadian consumer habits regarding Canadian cinema.

By establishing closer links with HEC Montréal’s Marketing Department, Telefilm will be able to leverage the institution’s research expertise, worldwide academic network and third-party objectivity. In return, HEC Montréal researchers will benefit from industry exposure, access to data, and applied projects to work on.

In addition to underlining Telefilm’s objective of creating more public-private partnerships, this announcement also underscores the organization’s goal to share insightful market intelligence for the benefit of the Canadian audiovisual industry.

Canada’s audiovisual industry is composed mainly of small- to medium-sized production companies with limited resources. In this industry environment, Telefilm has a valuable role to play in gathering, analyzing and distributing business intelligence that would otherwise not be produced and available.

A better understanding of new market realities will help Telefilm and the industry to address the challenges of the future.

Currently, Telefilm compiles statistics mostly around Canadian box office and project costs. Telefilm’s intent is to expand its monitoring of information such as global success-related results, overall trends, market opportunities, and new best practices.