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Telefilm Canada announces an interim initiative for Francophone creators from outside Quebec that received support through Écrire au long

30 November 2011

Montreal, November 29, 2011 − Telefilm Canada announces an interim initiative to ensure its ongoing support to creators from official minority-language communities.

Following the launch of its new corporate plan in April, one of Telefilm’s priorities was to initiate a complete redesign of its programs in order to simplify and optimize its processes and to ensure a better alignment between its programs and its new strategic priorities. 

This process is progressing faster than expected, and we realize that the renewal proposal made to the industry advisory committee in June is not completely aligned with this redesign.

Moreover, despite an agreement in principle on the renewal proposal, the industry advisory committee members have informed Telefilm of systemic funding issues faced by creators who want to see them addressed by the creation of a dedicated fund.

Before making a decision on the future direction of Écrire au long, Telefilm is proposing an interim measure to maintain its support to creators and to help advance projects already begun over the past four years.

Applications must be submitted via the eTelefilm online service on or before Monday, January 16, 2012.

For further information about this interim initiative and its eligibility criteria, please consult the program guidelines and Qs & As by clicking on the following link: