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Telefilm Canada announces opening of its Production Program for French and English market projects with budgets under $2.5M

30 April 2015

Montreal, April 30th, 2015 – Effective today, Telefilm Canada is now accepting applications for its 2015/2016 Production Program, with respect to French and English market projects with budgets of less than $2.5M.

Please note that this is an opening date. Telefilm will continue to accept applications for lower-budget projects until the closing date, which will be announced in due course.  It is recommended that each client should contact the Regional Feature Film Executive responsible for the applicable region to discuss the project, before submitting an application.

Telefilm has introduced a few changes with a view to enhancing the quality of information and readiness of applications, which should result in better and timely decisions.

IMPORTANT: Changes to the program

  • Telefilm will consider, among other evaluation criteria, the overall financial viability of the project;
  • A new eligibility criteria was introduced for projects with budgets under $2.5M: a project must not have been previously submitted more than twice, starting from April 30, 2015 (full details in the Program Guidelines);
  • A Summary of the Marketing/Promotional Strategy was added to the required documentation.

Please check our Website for more information on Guidelines, policies and how to apply.

For further details, contact your local resource-person at Telefilm. See Telefilm offices contact information on the Production Program page of Telefilm’s website.