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Telefilm Canada moves Corporate Plan to a new 18-month model

15 April 2021

Telefilm Canada revised the timeline for its Corporate Plan, to condense its planning cycle to an 18-month model.  This follows a thorough review that was undertaken of Telefilm’s Strategic and Corporate Plans, to determine that the strategic priorities remained relevant in the fast-changing environment caused by COVID-19.

As the organization builds on the successes and learnings of the last year, it will move forward with the original objectives of the Corporate Plan in a condensed timeline. This allows for the organization to plan for a period of continuous disruption, followed by a period of recovery.  This new timeline will give Telefilm the flexibility to better navigate an uncertain climate in the coming months.

Telefilm will continue to assess the disruption caused by the pandemic to strategize and adjust for the recovery process of Canada’s audiovisual industry.

The update to the Corporate Plan can be viewed here.