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Telefilm Canada presents the 2012 Guichet d’or award to the Canadian director and screenwriter of Omertà

28 May 2013

Director and screenwriter Luc Dionne takes home the prize

Montreal, May 28, 2012 – Telefilm Canada’s Guichet d’or was awarded to director and screenwriter Luc Dionne for his feature film Omertà. The ceremony took place this morning in the vault of the former Royal Bank of Canada headquarters. Attendees included producer Denise Robert and actor Michel Côté. Established six years ago, the Guichet d’or is awarded annually to the Canadian screenwriter and director of the homegrown French-language feature film with the highest domestic box-office sales in a calendar year. The winning screenwriter and director each receive a cash prize of $20,000. As both the film’s director and screenwriter, Luc Dionne received a total of $40,000. In 2012, Omertà generated $2.8 million at the box office in Canada.

“For Telefilm Canada, it is essential to adopt an innovative approach and to recognize all creators behind our cinema, because awards recognizing commercial box office success are typically earmarked for producers and distributors,” said Telefilm Canada executive director Carolle Brabant. “This year, we began a major marketing shift to better promote Canadian talent at home. This award, highlighting home-grown success stories, aligns perfectly with the goal of our national promotion campaign.”

According to director and co-screenwriter Luc Dionne, “The greatest reward is public recognition. On behalf of the Omertà team of producers, performers and artists, I would like to thank Telefilm Canada for the generous support we received last year and congratulate them for establishing this award that recognizes screenwriters and directors. Writing and filming a movie is a risky social endeavour. To its credit, Telefilm Canada understands this fact.”

Denise Robert added: “The unconditional support of Telefilm Canada and its team for the film industry allows our creators to explore different facets of our culture and values, as well as to inspire reflections on our society. Telefilm is an exceptional partner.”

Produced by Denise Robert and Daniel Louis of Cinémaginaire, Omertà is distributed by Alliance Vivafilm (Les Films Séville).

The 2011 Guichet d’or winners were Ken Scott, director and co-screenwriter of Starbuck and Martin Petit, co-screenwriter.

The English-language equivalent of the Guichet d’or, the Golden Box Office Award, will be presented on June 18 in Toronto.

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