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Telefilm Canada Releases Details of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund Top-Up for Regional Companies

18 June 2020

As previously announced, a portion of the COVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund – Telefilm Allocation was reserved to provide additional support to clients from regional companies.  After compiling demand in the application process, an additional top-up fund allocation has been set-up for regional companies.

‘Regional’ refers to Telefilm’s historical definition, which is a company that has its head office in any part of Canada that is more than 150 km by the shortest reasonable roadway route from Toronto or Montreal.

This is an additional fund separate from those who identified as a member of an underrepresented community. Companies who identified as being owned and controlled by members of an underrepresented community and whose main address meet the criteria above will have access to both top-up funds.

The regional top-up is only available for existing, eligible clients who have already received emergency funding from Telefilm in the first phase (ending June 12) and whose address is  more than 150 km from Toronto or Montreal.

Amendments on contracts signed to date will be generated starting June 22. No additional application is required. The amount of the upcoming top-up amendment will be communicated to the recipients through Dialogue.

This funding will provide the needed financial support to help these vital businesses remain resilient. We need our industry to remain vibrant and having a diversity of voices and creators is key.


For underrepresented identities and communities, please see this industry advisory.
Details for the top-ups reserved for interrupted shoots will be released shortly in the form of an industry advisory.

Questions can be sent to