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Telefilm Canada shares proof of concept for next phase in data collection

10 June 2021

Telefilm Canada is sharing the latest update to its data collection improvements. The proof of concept below represents the next phase in data collection enhancement for Telefilm’s programs as outlined in its Equity and Representation Action Plan, released in July 2020.

The proof of concept is the culmination of in-depth research and feedback from a variety of consultants and industry professionals, associations, and experts. It was recently submitted to the Data Collection Subcommittee as well as the Diversity and Inclusion Working Group at its June 8 meeting and was enthusiastically received.

“An integral piece in removing barriers to funding, data collection is a top priority in Telefilm’s commitment to greater equity, diversity, and inclusivity in the industry,” said Christa Dickenson, Executive Director & CEO, Telefilm Canada. “Equally important is our commitment to protect the private data of creators. Data on the identity of key creators will help us concretely identify the gaps and steps needed to address challenges in our pipeline, as well as to report back to the industry with more nuanced information.”

How the proof of concept works
When applying for funding, the applicant identifies the members of the creative team and provides their contact information. Next, the creative team members automatically receive an invitation from Telefilm to submit their self-identification information privately and decide what use can be made of it.


For now, Telefilm plans to ask individuals to fill out information about their gender, pronouns, racial or ethnic identity, disabilities (visible and non-visible), as well as information about their membership in Indigenous, LGBTQ2+, or Official Language Minority Communities.

“This has been an extensive process, with many months of consultations, learning, and feedback from a wealth of organizations and resources,” said Kathleen Beaugé, Co-Chair for Telefilm’s Equity and Representation Action Committee, and Data Collection Subcommittee lead. “The proof of concept announced today is the result of a strong and meaningful collaboration to make the audiovisual industry more inclusive and representative of Canadian society, and we thank all Data Collection Subcommittee members for their continued dedication and feedback.”

Work on the requested information categories and drop-down menus is underway and the results will be shared with the industry once they are completed.

As a federal Crown corporation, Telefilm must comply with the Privacy Act framework for the collection of personal data, including obtaining prior approval from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat before applying the proof of concept. Telefilm submitted a request for approval in November 2020 and is still awaiting a response.

To view the proof of concept in full, please click here.