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Telefilm extends Web-Ciné 360 to the English-language market for the implementation of online marketing strategies for Canadian films

19 July 2010

Montréal, July 19, 2010 – Telefilm Canada is today announcing that Web-Ciné 360, a pilot initiative that aims to encourage the incorporation of online marketing and use of social media tool in distribution business practices for Canadian films well ahead of their release, will henceforth be offered to the English-language market, for the next two years. The Telefilm Canada initiative has been offered to the French-language market since January of this year.

Eligible distribution companies will obtain financial support from Telefilm for designing promotional campaigns that include online marketing by making use of search-engine optimization or Web technologies in general; by producing a content-rich website; by creating content for such social media tools as blogs, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube; or by using online advertising. In order to measure the strategies’ effectiveness, distributors will be invited to make use of recognized online marketing and Web audience analysis tools, and even to use companies with expertise in this area.

“We’ve noticed that Web-Ciné 360 has elicited a lot of interest within the industry in the French-language market,” said Michel Pradier, Telefilm Canada’s Director of Project Financing. “This has hastened the adoption of new interactive tools and their integration into existing distribution strategies. Based on our experience since the launch of the pilot initiative, and following discussions with the industry, we are today extending the initiative to the English-language market. Our aim is to support Canadian producers and distributors in the ongoing improvement of their feature-film promotional and marketing strategies.”

“Telefilm, with Web-Ciné 360’s introduction in English Canada, continues to foster a vibrant Canadian film industry,” said Bryan Gliserman, Co-president, E1 Entertainment Canada.

Telefilm’s initiative for the English market is aimed at distribution companies eligible for the organization’s feature-film Marketing Program, for projects having recently obtained production support. Distributors have until October 29, 2010 to submit a project. For further details regarding eligibility criteria, see

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