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First partnership between Telefilm Canada and Palm Springs International Film Festival

18 December 2012

Montreal, December 18, 2012 – The new year looks very promising for Canadian cinema as evidenced by the brand new partnership between Telefilm Canada and the 24th Palm Springs International Film Festival, to be held in California from January 3 to 14. One of the premier events in the United States in 2013, the Festival presents some 100 films from over 60 countries, special events and galas leading up to the announcement of the finalist Oscar nominees. Each year, the Festival attracts more than 135,000 festival-goers, some of whom vote at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences. On average, 7% of festival attendees are Canadians.

Thirteen Canadian films will be shown at the Festival this year, a number surpassed by no other country represented in the Festival other than the U.S. itself. Telefilm is taking part by hosting major promotional activities. These include special days devoted to Canada: A World of Talent and Palm Springs Speaks French (in collaboration with other francophone organizations).

“This festival is important strategically due to its prestige and visibility, and the films selected here enjoy widespread recognition and outstanding promotion,” said Carolle Brabant, Telefilm’s Executive Director. “The American market has become increasingly receptive to our cinema. Telefilm is encouraging this breakthrough that is positively impacting our industry in terms of audience numbers and business opportunities. Our participation at the Palm Springs International Film Festival allows us to showcase all of the terrific Canadian selections, including War Witch (Rebelle), Kim Nguyen’s film that is representing Canada as a possible nominee in the 2013 Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film.”

Canadian selection at the 2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival

Canada: A World of Talent, January 6, 2013
The Canadian films appearing at the Festival will be presented under the theme, “Canada, A World of Talent.” Film screenings as well as a networking activity for industry representatives, film creators and media members are on the day’s agenda. In addition to the screenings and promotion campaign for cinemagoers, Telefilm is organizing the following:

  • E-broadcast to the international community (approximately 17,000 subscribers) which includes the trailers of some of the Canadian films appearing at the Festival;
  • A reception in honour of Canadian talent following the screening of Kim Nguyen’s War Witch (Rebelle); and
  • An information event for the Talent Fund, a private donation fund created by Telefilm to stimulate investment in the production and promotion of Canadian films. Canadian philanthropists Carol and Paul Hill will be the generous hosts of this happening, bringing together both business people as well as Canadian and international talent.

Palm Springs Speaks French, January 4, 2013
Organized by a consortium that includes Telefilm as well as agencies from Quebec, France, Switzerland and Belgium, this event will celebrate French-language cinema. The consortium of francophone organizations has existed for five years now.

Close ties between Canada and the Palm Springs International Film Festival
In addition to the strong Canadian presence at the Festival each year, it should be mentioned that Darryl Macdonald, Director of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, is a Canadian. In 2012, he received the very first Friend of International Cinema Award given by the online magazine Cinema Without Borders for his work in promoting international cinema in the United States. The Festival’s artistic director, Helen Du Toit, is also a recognized Canadian producer on the world stage.

Support for the directors
The directors of the 12 Canadian films appearing at the Festival will take part through the financial support of Telefilm, SODEC and the Québec Government Office in Los Angeles.

About Telefilm Canada
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