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Telefilm Canada creates industry-led Authentic Storytelling Subcommittee

20 April 2022

There has been much harm in Canada’s screen-based industries, and many struggles continue. Authentic storytelling is a key foundation to making on-screen narratives respectful and stronger. 

Determining who gets to tell what story is a complex issue and requires a great deal of collaboration and expertise. 

As a result of a virtual meeting with its Diversity and Inclusion Working Group, and discussions that followed the Canadian Screen Awards earlier this April, Telefilm Canada is creating a subcommittee focusing on Authentic Storytelling. 

The Authentic Storytelling Subcommittee builds on past models of the Data Collection and the Diverse Language Subcommittees, where a variety of industry representatives lend their time and expertise to focus on a specific priority area with Telefilm. This process facilitates the collaborative creation of long-term, meaningful changes with Canada’s film industry. 

Telefilm would like to take this opportunity to oppose the harmful comment that was made during Canadian Screen Week. It does matter where stories come from, who tells them, and how. Telefilm also supports the organizations that spoke up against the remarks. While Telefilm shared its support directly with these organizations, we recognize the importance of making these statements publicly.   

A lot of progress has been made, and there are no plans to change the course at Telefilm. Clearly, there is still much more work to be done. Telefilm continues to work together with the industry in building more representative screen-based storytelling. 

*The subcommittee was renamed as of May 11, 2022. It was previously known as the Subcommittee on Authentic Storytelling.