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Telefilm Canada opens its Promotional Program’s Industry Initiatives Stream

06 August 2021

Telefilm Canada announces the opening of its Promotional Program’s Industry Initiatives Stream from August 9 to December 9, 2021.

The Industry Initiatives Stream is designed to fund promotional activities in the audiovisual industry with the exception of festivals. Eligible initiatives include, but are not limited to, national film, television, and digital media awards ceremonies; alternative distribution networks; audiovisual industry conferences; promotional and recognition support activities; and other promotional activities, including business or professional development activities focusing on promotion and talent.

Key dates:
The Industry Initiatives Stream is open from August 9 to December 9, 2021. Organizations are requested to apply for funding 6 to 8 weeks before their event.

Promotional Program
Telefilm has recently reoriented the structure of its Promotional Program by type of activity (festivals, conferences, and training, for example) in order to respond more effectively to client needs. This program now consists of three distinct components: the General Admission Stream, the Limited Edition Stream, and the newly announced Industry Initiatives Stream.

The Industry Initiatives Stream is intended for activities that were funded by Telefilm Canada in their previous two editions and which had received funding under the Promotional Program in fiscal year 2020–2021, or in cases where their last edition was cancelled because of the pandemic in fiscal year 2019–2020.

This program will be reviewed in line with Telefilm’s ongoing modernization initiatives.

All applications must be submitted online via Dialogue. All applicants are encouraged to read the Guidelines and the Essential Information Guide, available on the webpage of the Industry Initiatives Stream.