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Telefilm Canada supports the creation of 22 English- and French-language feature-length documentaries

28 June 2021

Telefilm Canada is announcing that 22 English- and French-language feature-length documentaries will receive funding under the Theatrical Documentary Program, for a total of over $3 million. This year, Telefilm received a total of 76 applications under this program.

Through this program, Telefilm Canada encourages the production of high-quality feature-length documentaries and supports passionate filmmakers who enable us to discover new perspectives, meet fascinating and engaging people, and delve into extraordinary stories.

An Advisory Committee comprised of external and internal representatives evaluated the projects and made recommendations to Telefilm. The decision-making process reflected Telefilm’s goal of fostering a diversity of voices in the industry, ensuring that Telefilm funds a balanced portfolio of productions that reflects a variety of genres, budgets and company sizes, regions of the country, and perspectives. The names of the Advisory Committee members will be made public once all funding decisions have been announced.

English-language projects:

Director and writer: Darlene Naponse
Production: Baswewe Films and Night Market Films
Province: Ontario

Black Ice
Director: Hubert Davis
Writer: George Fosty
Production: First Take Entertainment
Province: Ontario

Buffy Sainte Marie: Power in the Blood
Director and writer: Michelle Derosier
Production: Buffy Documentary Productions
Province: Ontario

Doug Henning: Magic Man
Director and writer: Martha Kehoe
Production: Insight Productions
Province: Ontario

Everest Dark
Director: Jereme Watt
Writer: Michael Bodnarchuk
Production: Everest Dark Films, Killawatt Productions, and Michael Bodnarchuk Productions
Province: Manitoba

Lunatic: The Luna Vachon Story
Director and writer: Kate Kroll
Production: Black Moon Media
Province: British Columbia

Rebirth of a Nation
Director and writer: Kacim Steets
Production: Bunbury Films
Province: Quebec

Red Stars
Director: Yung Chang
Writer: Rahul Parekh
Production: Iceball and Flying Sparrow
Province: Ontario

Rediscovering Reality
Director and writer: Van Royko
Production: EyeSteelFilm
Province: Quebec

Satan Wants You
Directors and writers: Steve J. Adams and Sean Horlor
Production: Nootka Street Film Company
Province: British Columbia

Untitled Rock n’ Roll Revival Documentary
Director: Ron Chapman
Writer: Phyllis Ellis
Production: Screen Siren Pictures, Chapman Productions, and Films a Cinq
Provinces: British Columbia and Ontario

Director and writer: Kevin Hegge
Production: Low End
Province: Ontario

Wilfred Buck
Director and writer: Lisa Jackson
Production: Door Number 3 Productions
Province: Ontario

Director: Michael Toledano
Production: Yintah Film
Province: British Columbia

French-language projects:

Au lendemain de l’odyssée
Director and writer: Helen Doyle
Production: Productions Tatouages de la mémoire
Province: Quebec

Director and writer: Jean-Claude Coulbois
Production: Corporation de développement et de production ACPAV
Province: Quebec

Forêts urbaines : une planche de salut
Director and writer: Anne-Marie Rocher
Production: Productions Testa
Province: Ontario

Director and writer: Will Prosper
Production: Périphéria
Province: Quebec

La dignité des êtres chers
Director and writer: Jonah Malak
Production: Némésis Films
Province: Quebec

La garde blanche
Director and writer: Julien Elie
Production: Metafilms
Province: Quebec

Quand les Sprakkars se lèvent (Canada-France-Belgium coproduction)
Director and writer: Doris Buttignol
Production: Films Extérieur Jour
Province: Quebec

Saigon, Liberté, Bonheur
Director and writer: Khoa Lê
Production: Les films de l’autre
Province: Quebec

About Telefilm Canada
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Contact Information:

Joyce Richards
Advisor, Public Relations – English Market
Telefilm Canada