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Telefilm Canada releases results from the second iteration of the Industry Eco-Awareness Survey 

26 October 2023

Telefilm Canada commissioned the firm Leger for a second year to survey workers in the audiovisual industry to assess their interest and awareness in sustainable/green production practices, and to assess any changes and developments in understanding and behaviour from last year. The survey affirms the importance of knowledge sharing and capacity building on this priority.  

The survey was carried out between June 28 and July 21, 2023, with outreach support from Telefilm’s valued industry partners: L’Association québécoise de la production médiatique(AQPM),Black Screen Office(BSO),CBC, Canada Media Fund(CMF),Canadian Media Producers Association(CMPA),Indigenous Screen Office (ISO), National Film Board(NFB) andRadio-Canada.  

Over 330 workers participated in the survey which took an average of 11 minutes to complete.  

Key takeaways: 

  • 94% of participants think that it is important their workplace incorporates sustainable/green practices. 
  • Most widely implemented sustainable practices: Recycling and Compost Programs (85%), followed by Reducing (79%) and Repurposing, Donating and Upcycling (61%).  
  • 58% mention that their stories reflect the normalization of sustainable on-screen behaviour. 
  • Result comparisons from last year: 
    • Increased productions getting assistance in implementing sustainable practices (up from 25% in 2022 to 33% in 2023) 
    • Increased use of carbon calculators (up from 18% to 30%) 
    • Increased awareness of alternative clean technologies (up from 58% to 68%) 
  • There has been an increase in training on sustainability practices. 
  • The results indicate that workers who received training within the past three years are more inclined to be informed about various sustainable/green practices, apply them at their workplaces, and hold the belief that integrating sustainability practices has a positive influence on their work environment.  
  • However, the lack of information and knowledge on this priority remains, and a majority have still not attended training. It is thus crucial to enhance the promotion of these training programs to heighten awareness. 

Read the full report of the Eco-Awareness Survey here.