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Eco-responsibility Action Plan

Telefilm Canada, in its commitment to sustainability, launched its action plan on eco-responsibility – the first phase of its commitment.  



As a responsible leader in, and champion of, the Canadian audiovisual industry, Telefilm Canada commits to adopting eco-responsibility as a lens through which we work. This transformative commitment will be actualized in its capacity as:  

  • an investor in the value chain of content production
  • a promoter of Canadian talent, and the industry, both nationally and internationally
  • a financial administrator
  • an employer and Crown corporation 

This is in alignment with the Government of Canada’s target to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.  

Our commitment 

To lead and support the industry to mobilize collectively through informed, business practices; and the establishing of science-based policies and targets. This commitment will be operationalized through our Programs, Initiatives, Promotion and Communication efforts, Research, Training and HR policies. 

The Action Plan lays out seven objectives that will affect three sectors

  • Organizational (aimed at work processes and business practices) 
  • ​​​​​​​Production (aimed at applicants, partners) 
  • Promotion (aimed at applicants, both national and international)  

The full plan can be found below