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New Dawn – International film production fund


Launched in May 2022 at the Cannes Film Festival, New Dawn international film production fund strives for a vibrant, open, and inclusive film industry with true diversity of perspectives.

In September 2022, Telefilm Canada joined this initiative of 10 public film funds, towards exploring more ways to open up the international film industry to a greater diversity of voices.

New Dawn had its first projects supported in September 2022.

Overview of the program

New Dawn operates as a production fund, by making additional funding available for feature length fiction, animation and documentary, as well as supporting filmmakers in setting up networks.

Who can apply to the New Dawn Fund

Canadian production companies with an eligible project (Canadian or international coproduction), who received a selective support based on artistic quality from a national or regional fund, in their country of residence.

Please refer to the eligibility criteria detailed in the FAQ section of the New Dawn Fund website.

How to apply

  • There is two deadlines each year.
  • A project can only be submitted to New Dawn fund once.
  • Applications must be made via email to New Dawn directly by the majority producer only (refer to link below).
  • The assessment of the applications will be done by a committee of independent international film professionals
  • New Dawn Fund is made up of representatives from participating public film funds to establish overall strategy and selection criteria.
  • Producers wanting to submit a project must contact their national representative at least two weeks before the deadline.

Overview of eligibility requirements

Please consult the official New Dawn website for specific eligibility requirements.

Important information

  • All documents must be submitted in English.
  • You need to have a signed contract with TFC to apply or if your project received a selective support from a provincial agency, the Canada Media Fund or the Indigenous Screen Office, you can contact them directly for eligibility assessment.
  • The financial structure must include the application to New Dawn, be presented in Cad$ and Euros at the current rate (specify the conversion rate used in the document), and specify confirmed and prospective sources. If the confirmed sources have changed since the Telefilm financing contract was signed, you must provide supporting documents for these sources.

Applications must be submitted via email to New Dawn directly.

National representative

For any question/inquiry

Canada’s National Representative

Marielle Poupelin, Specialist, International Business Development
Toll free: 1-800-567-0890