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This directory lists all Canadian coproductions for the past seven years and is updated annually.

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Production Year Production company Coproduction country(ies)
14 - Diaries of the Great War 2013 8434522 Canada Inc. Germany
2 Temps, 3 Mouvements 2012 Amerique Film Inc. France
2019 DESTINATION LUNE 2008 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
24 heures : Danger ! 2014 GROUPE PVP INC. France
55 Socks 2010 Entreprise Musivision Logo Inc. Netherlands
747: Plane That Changed the World (The) 2013 Handel Productions Inc. United Kingdom
ABROAD 2008 Coproduction directory United Kingdom
Against the Wild 2: Survive the Serengeti 2015 Time Image Inc. South Africa
Ailes de Johnny May (Les) 2010 Productions Thalie Inc. France
Air Aces 2012 Cineflix Media Inc. United Kingdom
AL QAEDA CODE (THE) 2008 Coproduction directory France
Albert Falco, l'océanaute 2011 GROUPE PVP INC. France
ALICE 2009 Thunderbird Films Inc. United Kingdom
Aliens des fonds marins 2009 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Aliens: The Definitive Guide 2012 Handel Productions Inc. United Kingdom
All Aboard East Coast Trains 2013 DCF Media Packaging Corporation United Kingdom
ALOFT 2013 Phyllis Laing Family Trust Spain
AMAZING SPIEZ, THE 2008 Coproduction directory France
Amazon Adventure 2015 SK Films Inc. Brazil, United Kingdom
Ancient Weather 2009 Apple Ridge Films Inc. United Kingdom
ANCIENTS BEHAVING BADLY 2009 YAP Films Inc. United Kingdom
ANGE À LA MER (UN) 2008 Coproduction directory Belgium
Animals at Work 2008 DCF Media Packaging Corporation United Kingdom
Animals at Work II 2009 DCF Media Packaging Corporation United Kingdom
Another Silence 2010 Max Films Inc. France
Antwerp Heist 2016 Odyssey Media Inc. Belgium
Apocalypse, la 1ère Guerre mondiale 2012 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
ARCTIC BLAST 2009 Première Bobine inc. Australia
ARIOL 2008 Divertissement Subséquence France
Artisans du changement II 2009 GROUPE PVP INC. France
Artzooka! 2009 CCI Productions Inc. Germany
Atlantic 2015 Opportunity Knox Inc. Ireland
Atomic Puppet I (1-26) 2015 Mercury Filmworks Corp. France
Automne de Pougne (L') 2011 Carpediem Film & TV Inc. France
Babar & The Adventures of Badou I 2009 Corus Entertainment Inc. France
Babar & The Adventures of Badou II (27-52) 2011 Corus Entertainment Inc. France
Babar & the Adventures of Badou III (53-65) 2013 Corus Entertainment Inc. France
Backstabbing for Beginners 2016 Scythia Films Inc. Denmark
Bad Dogs 2015 Phyllis Laing Family Trust Spain
Ballerina 2014 Films Caramel Inc. / Caramel Films Inc. France
Bang Bang Club (The) 2009 Foundry Films Inc. South Africa
Barney's Version 2009 Serendipity Point Films Inc. Italy
Bastard Sings The Sweetest Song (The) 2011 Murmur Media Inc. Denmark
Bataille de l'eau 2009 Vivavision Inc. France
Battle Castle 2011 Parallax Film Productions Inc. United Kingdom
BATTLEFIELD QUEBEC : WOLFE AND MONTCALM 2008 A. Gelbart (Québec) Inc. France
Beat Bugs 2015 BB Productions Inc. Australia
Beauty and Ruin 2014 Coproduction directory France
Beekeeper and his Son 2015 Lowik Média 2008 Inc. Switzerland