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This directory lists all Canadian coproductions for the past seven years and is updated annually.

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Production Year Production company Coproduction country(ies)
MY LIFE ME2008Carpediem Film & TV Inc.France
GOTTA CATCH SANTA CLAUS2008Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc./Divertissement Cookie Jar Inc.South Korea
Breaking Point2008DCF Media Packaging CorporationUnited Kingdom
NAICA : THE GIANT CRYSTAL CAVE2008A. Gelbart (Québec) Inc.Mexico
Breaking the Ice2008SERGESPRO INC.Israel
NAKED FASHION2008DCF Media Packaging CorporationUnited Kingdom
Great Sperm Race (The)2008Apple Ridge Films Inc.United Kingdom
NAKED SCIENCE 62008Handel Productions Inc.United Kingdom
Guess with Jess2008Corus Entertainment Inc.United Kingdom
TOSCANINI: IN HIS OWN WORDS2008Foundry Films Inc.France
Busytown Mysteries2008Cookie Jar Entertainment Inc./Divertissement Cookie Jar Inc.Singapore
HELLHOUNDS2008Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.Romania
Opération Casablanca2008Coproduction directorySwitzerland
CAIRO TIME2008Foundry Films Inc.Ireland
OSCAR ET LA DAME ROSE2008Zone3 Inc.France
Oscar the Balloonist2008SERGESPRO INC.Germany
TUDORS (THE) III2008Coproduction directoryIreland
High Plains Invaders2008Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.Romania
OUTLAW BIKERS III2008Entertainment One Ltd.United Kingdom
TURBO DOGS2008CCI Productions Inc.New Zealand
HOMME QUI DORT (L')2008Productions Ottoblix Inc.France
PARIS 19192008Coproduction directoryFrance
ULTIMATE ENGINEERING II2008Parallax Film Productions Inc.United Kingdom
PARIS QUÉBEC À TRAVERS LA CHANSON2008Groupe QuébéComm inc.France
CHÂTEAU EN SUEDE2008Transfilm International Inc.France
Pearlie2008Corus Entertainment Inc.Australia
UNSELLABLES UK2008Cineflix Media Inc.United Kingdom
COLIN & JUSTIN'S HOME HEIST 22008Cineflix Media Inc.United Kingdom
POPPETSTOWN2008DHX Media Ltd.Spain
PRINTEMPS DE MÉLIE (LE)2008Divertissement SubséquenceFrance
PRODUCING PARKER2008Breakthrough Enterprises Inc.Philippines
Convoy: War of the Atlantic2008Apple Ridge Films Inc.United Kingdom
Waybuloo 1 (1-100)2008DHX Media Ltd.United Kingdom
QUEST FOR THE UNICORN2008Coproduction directoryFrance
CRUSOE2008Muse Entertainment Enterprises Inc.South Africa, United Kingdom
WHO SANK THE TITANIC?2008Handel Productions Inc.United Kingdom
Wibbly Pig2008Coproduction directoryUnited Kingdom
JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF THE UNIVERSE2008Handel Productions Inc.United Kingdom
Wild Opera2008SERGESPRO INC.France
DARWIN'S BRAVE NEW WORLD2008Coproduction directoryAustralia
Willa's Wild Life2008Corus Entertainment Inc.France
L'amour aller-retour2008Films Caramel Inc. / Caramel Films Inc.France
DEATH OR CANADA2008Coproduction directoryIreland
2019 DESTINATION LUNE20089044-3250 Québec Inc.France
RÊVER LE FRANÇAIS2008Coproduction directoryFrance
ABROAD2008Coproduction directoryUnited Kingdom
DERNIÈRE FUGUE (LA)2008Coproduction directoryLuxembourg
Looking for Anne2008Coproduction directoryJapan