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This directory lists all Canadian coproductions for the past seven years and is updated annually.

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Production Year Production company Coproduction country(ies)
Counterfeit Cat 2015 1462598 Ontario Inc. (dba Tricon Films & Television) United Kingdom
Havana (The Series) 2013 1894955 Ontario Inc. Cuba
Fièvre 2014 1976 Productions inc. France
Miséricorde 2015 1976 Productions inc. Switzerland
Nuage dans un verre d'eau (Un) 2010 1976 Productions inc. France
Voix Off 2014 1976 Productions inc. Chile
What's Your News? 2011 2255478 Ontario Ltd. United Kingdom
Marco Polo 2012 2311545 Ontario Inc. Germany
TERRITOIRES / TERRITORIES 2009 2312-0975 Québec inc. France
Versailles 2014 4313119 Canada Inc France
14 - Diaries of the Great War 2013 8434522 Canada Inc. Germany
Wibbly Pig 2008 Coproduction directory United Kingdom
2019 DESTINATION LUNE 2008 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Aliens des fonds marins 2009 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Apocalypse, la 1ère Guerre mondiale 2012 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Contrôleurs aériens 2014 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Méthane : rêve ou cauchemar ? 2011 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Nom de code : Poilus d'Alaska 2010 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Promesse du plaisir (La), à la recherche du point G 2009 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Sauvé par les dauphins 2015 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Terre perd le nord (La) 2009 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
Valse des continents (La) 2009 9044-3250 Québec Inc. France
MÈRES ET FILLES 2008 Coproduction directory France
Franklin's Lost Ships 2015 90th Parallel Productions Ltd. United Kingdom
Rank the Prank 2016 9224-8004 Québec inc. United Kingdom
MILLION COLOURS (A) 2010 A Million Colours Canada Productions Inc. South Africa
BATTLEFIELD QUEBEC : WOLFE AND MONTCALM 2008 A. Gelbart (Québec) Inc. France
Beyond the Crystal Cave 2009 A. Gelbart (Québec) Inc. Mexico
NAICA : THE GIANT CRYSTAL CAVE 2008 A. Gelbart (Québec) Inc. Mexico
TO BEE OR NOT TO BE / UN MONDE SANS ABEILLE 2009 A. Gelbart (Québec) Inc. France
Ninth Life of Louis Drax (The) 2014 ACW Holdings Inc. United Kingdom
STORMWORLD 2008 ACW Holdings Inc. Australia
Breadwinner (The) 2016 Aircraft Pictures Limited Luxembourg, Ireland
HEVN (Revenge) 2014 Alcina Pictures Ltd. Norway
Clay's P.O.V. II 2015 Alexander Sextus Limited Czech Republic
Clay's POV 2013 Alexander Sextus Limited Czech Republic
Rob the Robot 2009 Amberwood Productions Inc. Singapore
Rob the Robot (Cycle 2) 2012 Amberwood Productions Inc. Singapore
2 Temps, 3 Mouvements 2012 Amerique Film Inc. France
Buddha's Little Finger 2012 Amerique Film Inc. Germany
Interdits (Les) 2011 Amerique Film Inc. France
Kind Words (The) 2014 Amerique Film Inc. Israel
Song of Granite 2016 Amerique Film Inc. Ireland
Stay 2012 Amerique Film Inc. Ireland
Exile a Myth Unearthed 2010 Amythos Media Inc. France
Ancient Weather 2009 Apple Ridge Films Inc. United Kingdom
Breakout 2009 Apple Ridge Films Inc. United Kingdom
Breakout, 2 (5-8) 2009 Apple Ridge Films Inc. United Kingdom
Breathing Fire: Secret Weapon of the Somme 2010 Apple Ridge Films Inc. United Kingdom
Convoy: War of the Atlantic 2008 Apple Ridge Films Inc. United Kingdom