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Discover the production companies that have already participated in a certified film or television coproduction over the past five years.

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Production companies Province Coproduction country(ies)
Phyllis Laing Family Trust Spain
Bardel Entertainment Inc. British Columbia Australia
BB Productions Inc. British Columbia Australia
South Creek Pictures Inc. British Columbia Germany
Cascade Productions Ltd. British Columbia United Kingdom
Thrive The Movie Inc. British Columbia Australia
Thunderbird Films Inc. British Columbia Australia, United Kingdom
Dathuil Canada Inc. British Columbia Australia
Trinity Works Entertainment Inc. British Columbia United Kingdom
True West Films Ltd. British Columbia United Kingdom
Way Below the Line Inc. British Columbia Bulgaria
F2F Productions Inc. British Columbia Romania
Honalee Productions Inc. British Columbia Ireland, Argentina
IndustryWorks Pictures Inc. British Columbia Czech Republic
Lightship Entertainment Inc. British Columbia United Kingdom, Austria
Odyssey Media Inc. British Columbia Bulgaria, Australia, Belgium
Omnifilm Entertainment Ltd. British Columbia United Kingdom
Parallax Film Productions Inc. British Columbia United Kingdom
Red Cedar Films Inc. British Columbia Switzerland
River Road Films Ltd. British Columbia United Kingdom
Screen Siren Pictures Inc. British Columbia Germany, United Kingdom
Opportunity Knox Inc. Newfoundland Ireland
Rink Rat Productions Inc. Newfoundland Ireland
Skye Larke Productions Ltd Nova Scotia United Kingdom
Copernicus Studios Inc. Nova Scotia Ireland
DHX Media Ltd. Nova Scotia United Kingdom, Spain, Australia
Idlewild Films Limited Nova Scotia South Africa
ACW Holdings Inc. Nova Scotia Australia, United Kingdom
Alexander Sextus Limited Nova Scotia Czech Republic
Sinking Ship Entertainment Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Six Island Productions Inc. Ontario Germany
SK Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Mexico, Brazil
Solo Productions Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
Big Jump Productions Inc. Ontario Singapore
SongbirdSOS Productions Inc. Ontario France
Boat Rocker Media Inc. Ontario Hungary, United Kingdom, Morocco
Breakthrough Enterprises Inc. Ontario Philippines, Brazil, France, United Kingdom
Spin Master Ltd. Ontario France
Brown Bread Sandwiches Inc. Ontario Cuba
Canazil Entertainment Group Inc. Ontario Brazil
Storyline Entertainment Inc. Ontario Chile, Belgium
Sundial Entertainment Inc. Ontario France
T5 Camelot Productions Inc. Ontario Ireland
CCI Productions Inc. Ontario New Zealand, Australia, Germany
Take 5 Productions Inc. Ontario Germany, Ireland, Hungary
Talibev Films Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
The Film Farm Inc. Ontario France
Cineflix Media Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Brazil
Cogent/Benger Productions Inc. Ontario France, South Africa
Time Image Inc. Ontario South Africa