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Discover the production companies that have already participated in a certified film or television coproduction over the past seven years.

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Production companies Province Coproduction country(ies)
1238504 B.C. LTD British Columbia United Kingdom
1462598 Ontario Inc. (dba Tricon Films & Television) Ontario United Kingdom
1489804 Ontario Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
1894955 Ontario Inc. Ontario Cuba
1966708 Ontario Inc. Ontario Cuba
1976 Productions inc. Quebec France, Switzerland, Chile
1982360 Ontario Inc Ontario Cuba
2644175 Ontario Inc. Ontario United Kingdom
4313119 Canada Inc Quebec South Africa, France
6179631 Canada Inc. Quebec France
8000077 Canada Inc. Quebec France
8434522 Canada Inc. Quebec Germany
9044-3250 Québec Inc. Quebec France
90th Parallel Productions Ltd. Ontario United Kingdom
9215-8534 Québec Inc. (Parallaxes) Quebec Belgium
9219-2418 Québec Inc. Quebec Switzerland
9224-8004 Québec inc. Quebec Belgium, United Kingdom
9479821 Canada Inc. Quebec France, Israel
ACW Holdings Inc. Nova Scotia United Kingdom
Aiken Heart Films Inc. Ontario Malta
Aircraft Pictures Limited Ontario Luxembourg, Ireland
Alcina Pictures Ltd. Ontario Norway
Alexander Sextus Limited Nova Scotia Czech Republic
Alpha-Zoulou Inc. Quebec France
Amérique film inc. Quebec Ireland, Israel
Animation Squeeze Studio Inc. Quebec Luxembourg
Argus Films Inc. Quebec France
Association coopérative de productions audio-visuelles Quebec France
Bardel Entertainment Inc. British Columbia Australia
BB Productions Inc. British Columbia Australia
Big Jump Productions Inc. Ontario Singapore
Big Nickel Films Inc. Ontario South Africa
Blue Ant Media Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Australia
Boat Rocker Media Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Hungary
Breakthrough Enterprises Inc. Ontario New Zealand, United Kingdom, Brazil
Brown Bread Sandwiches Inc. Ontario Cuba
Canazil Entertainment Group Inc. Ontario Brazil
Cascade Productions Ltd. British Columbia United Kingdom
CD Films Inc. Quebec United Kingdom
Cineflix Media Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, France
Communications Claude Veillet Inc. Quebec France
Coop Vidéo de Montréal Quebec France, Switzerland
Corus Entertainment Inc. Ontario United Kingdom, Australia, Singapore, France
Crazy Love Productions Inc. Quebec Denmark
Darius Films Inc. Ontario Ireland
Dathuil Canada Inc. British Columbia Australia
David Gross Productions Inc. Ontario Ireland
DCF Media Packaging Corporation Ontario United Kingdom
DCP Mystery Arts Inc. Ontario Ireland, Netherlands, Germany
DES Animation Ltee Quebec France